Times To Remember

Hi. I’m here to tell you about some of the memories from grade 6 that I will remember for a long time. The first thing is probably getting my blog. One of my Faves is Daniel.W getting stuck in the port a potty. That was pretty funny. Poor guy. And Hayden flipping the Kayak. And playing games at Christmas that was fun.

And the last one, So far is Going to be leaving. It’s not going to be easy leaving one of my favorite teachers. But i’m looking forward to summer.

Anyway Bye for now.


 What is your favorite thing about Jaguars?


Introduction. We are doing School wide write and our subject is Jaguars. My favorite animal a side from Black Panther, Tiger, Humming bird and Cougar


Chapter 1 Appearance


The Appearance of a Jaguar. They’re bodies are usually around 5 feet long and 30 inches tall, About 350 pounds . They are usually yellow with black horse shoe looking spots. But some times you can’t see the spots because other times they are born all black. They’re still born with black spots but you just can’t see them.


Chapter 2 Habitat


They live in Central and South America, near swamps and in rain forests.

They aren’t really a threat to people because they are more scared of us than we are of them. (Surprisingly).


Chapter 3 Hunting & Diet


Jaguars are probably the best animal when it comes to hunting. Because they can out run almost anything since it can run up to 103 Km/h (64mp/h).

It eats Deer, Turtle and Capybaras.


Chapter 4 Bye bye


Well I hope you enjoyed. See you next year. Bye

The Autism Speaks 400

Hi, It’s me again. I’m here to I guess sort of broad cast to you the Autism Speaks 400 at “The Monster Mile” Dover International Speedway. The reason why I started talking earlier than I usually would is because of all the news in the garage. We’ll get to that later. Also because we’re at The Monster Mile, Baby!!! you see Miles The Monster in the picture there. But you better play nice with him because he’ll chew your car up and spit it out because he sees every thing that goes on. So it Isn’t over til it’s over especially in Dover. And from what I saw yesterday Miles isn’t the biggest Kyle Busch fan ever. and you might want to stay of the wall because there are a few pictures of Miles on The wall. But either way the safer barriers better look out.

The news I told you you guys about. Long time duo of crew chief and driver Ended earlier this week. That duo was my favorite one. Cousins Dale Earnhardt, Jr and Tony Eury, Jr have been struggling all year this year so Rick Hendrick decided to move Tony, Jr over to be the crew chief of Brad Keselowski in the #25 car and the old #25 crew chief is now with Dale Jr, His name is Lance Mcgrew. That duo will begin today. And at the end of the race let’s hope switch worked and put the 88 car into victory lane for the first time this year. Today we will find out if the crew chief swap will work.[ I won’t be here to talk to you through out the race because this post will be miles long but I will come back and give you the high lights] See you, in Victory Lane.

The next day: Sorry I didn’t get back to you yesterday. Anyway a quick update. Jimmie Johnson won the race      [I don’t really like him]. And Dale Jr had a real good run lead part of the race and finished 12th in his first start with his new crew chief Lance Mcgrew.

 Anyway Bye for now.


 Photo credits: ericschnell , i_heart_him

My Other Favorite

Hi! ,me again.

I’m here to tell you about one of My Other Favorite NASCAR driver his name is Brad Keselowski I always go on his web site which you see below


He is 25 year old from Rochester Hills, Michigan. He is a great driver and will always be a threat to win if you give him the right setup he’ll play with it a little and there’s a pretty good chance he will be standing in victory lane at end of the day.

In the NASCAR Nationwide series he drives the Klondike bar and the Go daddy.com chevy, owned by Dale jr

and in the Nascar Sprint Cup series he drives the Go Daddy.com Chevy.

He used to drive the U.S. Navy chevy in the nationwide series.

He also drives the phoenix racing Miccosukee chevy owned by James Finch.

He has a whole bunch of stuff you can buy on http://store.nascar.com/home/index.jsp and the website above


His driving style is kind of like no other he is real aggressive yet smart. That’s what got him his first win in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series In just his 5th start when he faked Carl Edwards to the out side dived to the inside Carl came down on him thinking he had room but he was wrong. Carl spun and went strate into the the fence. But it wasn’t Brad’s fault Carl even said it. At Talladega and Daytona the rule is you can’t pass below the yellow line or you will get black flagged. so Brad held his line and got plenty respect from everyone not a lot of peple would do that and even appoligise. Brad Appoligised in everyone of his interviews and personally to Carl when Carl came to congratulate Brad.

Anyway Bye, for now.

Photo Credits:Bristol Motor Speedway & Drag way’s



Not So Gentlemen Start Your Engines!!!

Hi. I’m here to tell you what I am going to be when I grow up.

I think it’s pretty obvious. But I want to be a NASCAR driver. And also my teacher Mrs.Smith A.K.A Queen of the Universe gave me the idea of being a NASCAR Track designer. I’m going to try and do both but I Don’t think NASCAR would let me race on it in an actual race. because they might think I have an edge over everyone else. But I still think it’s a pretty good idea. I also only have just over 6 years to wait. Because you are aloud to race in NASCAR at the age of 18. I’ve always wanted to be the youngest driver to win a NASCAR race. Joey Logano holds that record in the Nationwide series at 18 years 26 days. I believe. So that will be pretty hard to beat.

Anyway that is all for now. Bye.

 Photo credits:haglundc


Hi. It’s me again.

My class and I have been working on a project called Glocal. we aren’t doing the project any more but it was fun while it lasted. 

We got to do a whole of stuff with web cams and take some pictures too. We had some one helping us. It was a guy named Josh. He’s from Vancouver He’s really nice too. I missed couple days of the project cause I was sick. That’s why I don’t have much to say. Anyway I will show you one of the pictures I took.

Anyway that’s all for today. Bye

Gary VS the Field

Hi. I’m here to show you the rough draft of my story that I did on Microsoft Word.


Here we are. Back in Daytona, Qualifying for the 2010 Daytona 500 Gary Longhorn Is now on track in his #89 Ford Fusion Another one of those last minute teams just brought up 3 or so weeks ago Around two minutes after, Gary qualifies 1st so far but he still has one more bullet to dodge until go or go homers are out Qualify a couple of minutes later Dale Earnhardt jr The man that was fastest in practice is out to qualify, 43 seconds later Gary just got knocked off the pole Qualifying run and Dale rises to the top. Around 15 minutes It is official Dale jr sits on the pole for the 2010 Daytona 500.




Just moments before the race “Gentlemen start your Engines”!!!

As the thunder rolls through out pit lane and onto the last parts of the front stretch into turn one 3 pace laps later. The pace car leading the field out of turn four pace car pulls off the track onto Pit road Dale jr and Gary Longhorn lead them to the Green Boogity boogity boogity let’s go Racing boys! The 2010 Daytona 500 is underway listen to the sound of thunder of the field diving into turn one Dale Jr leads the field.



196 lap’s later 5 laps to go Dale Jr leading. There has been 31 lead changes among 9 drivers, 8 caution flags for 36 lap’s now 2 laps to go jr still leads Brad Keselowski along side and Gary longhorn along side Brad.

White flag! Last lap 46.3 seconds later, coming out of turn 4 to the checkers Brad Keselowski

Wins the 2010 Daytona 500.


There’s something, going on in Pit Lane Brad Keselowski and Gary Longhorn’s teams are fighting. I think Gary’s team thinks they should have won the race. And there goes Gary walking up to victory lane it looks like he might start a fight or something. No I think he’s just goanna trade a few words with Brad let’s go down to Dave Burns with our Winner. Well Brad you are the 2010 Daytona 500 Champion so were shall we start you made a guy mad for pretty much no reason, or you Win in your first ever Daytona 500. What do, you think he’s mad about Brad?

 “I think he’s just a little mad because he thought he had the car to beat and he got beat by less than half of a car length”. Now I just have to ask you first 500 hundred and you win it how does it feel? “Oh man it feels awesome to get this 25 team back to Victory Lane. The guys worked so hard on this car and it’s just it’s a great feeling”. Thanks Brad and Congratulations.


We’re sorry we can’t seem to find Gary. I suppose he doesn’t want to talk.



34 races and two days later. Tuesday October 4th 2010.


Tony Stewart wants a new member for his already two car team. He wants to make it three cars. So he goes and talks to Gary.

Tony says Hey Gary, I Have a deal for you if you stop causing fights with every driver that beats you. I will give you a contract. Sign it and we’ll give you a car that will run up front, guaranteed. But you can’t start a fighting with every driver that beats you or else you will be put in the wall every race. It’s that easy. Do we have deal? We Have a deal says Gary. 5 days and 3 hours later. 2 laps to go in the Checkers auto parts 500 Gary Longhorn leads the field with a 3 second lead over Dale Jr. And Gary’s coming to the white flag. He just needs to take it smooth through turns 3 and 4.


Coming out of turn four the 3rd first time winner in 2010, Gary Longhorn will go to victory lane in phoenix. It took 35 starts to find victory lane but he will win the 2010 Checkers Auto parts 500.


And Gary never caused a fight again.    

What Is A Canadian Courtroom Like?

Hello, again. I’m here to tell you what it’s like to be in a court room and the rolls of people in the courtroom.

1and 2. First and secondly we have the defendant and the victim.Example of the victim: let’s say a they were shot at or something then he/she takes the man or woman to court. The person who shot the gun off is the defendant and the person who thinks they got shot at is the victim.

3. The 3rd person we have the Judge one of the most important people in the room. He/She listens carefully to both the defendant and the victim for what they have to say. In a lot of Canadien court rooms there are no jury because it wasn’t that a murder and there were no injury’s what so ever. And whatever He/She thinks is the truth the person who tells the truth of what happened. And desides which is innocent and which is not.

4. The fourth of five Important people is the Court Clerk. The Court Clerk is Officially the Judges assistant. She is the one who prepares the court schedule.

5. Last but not least we have the court reporter she reports things the way they happen in the court room that is also an important role.

Also you may be wondering how the court people make things fair. The only thing I will say is that they do not let any type of family members on the case.

Information credits: www.courtprep.ca

60 Years At The Track Too Tough To Tame


I can’t believe it the week that all NASCAR fans have been waiting for, Darlinton, The lady in black, The track too tough to tame.

The reason why they call it the lady in black is because the track isn’t grey like most nascar tracks, It’s black the walls are white but every time NASCAR goes there which leads me too why it’s too tough to tame. Turns one and two are pretty easy to get through but if your like me and like a challenge then now comes the fun part in one and two it’s not that risky to get three wide but in one and two but I suggest that you get past the two cars by the time you get to three and four it can somtimes be hard on video games it’s hard on all of my NASCAR games. NASCAR 1999, NASCAR Thunder 2002, NASCAR Thunder 2004, NASCAR 2005 Chase for the cup, NASCAR 06 total team control NASCAR 08 and NASCAR 09.

And there’s a lot of guys that won here in the past 60 years.

who will tame Darlington on Saturday, May,9,2009

hope you watch the Southern 500 on Saturday night at 7:00pm ET and 4:00 pm PT.



My Heroes


One of my heroes is My Nanny because she faught her way through 2 heart attacks and lived up to 79 years old she lived a good life she lived it well and she dominated at bingo.

What I think a hero is. I think a hero is a person that believes in you and a person you believe in. A trustworthy person someone that’s nice to you and is close to you someone loves you. Somebody that helps you and sets a good example for you.

I have a Big hero, my entire family and I’m glad I have everybody in it I also have a few heroes in my school like “Queen of the Universe” (Mrs.Smith), My Grade 5 teacher Mrs.Olsen, and grade 3 teacher Mrs.Denny.